Our Services

Our Services

Thorn & Associates LLC is a boutique law firm practicing environmental and sustainability law. Our goal is to provide the same high quality work, if not higher, of a large firm, while doing so in a more expeditious and cost effective manner.

Our Philosophy

Environmental Legal Services

We differ from many law firms in two mutually reinforcing ways. First, we believe that it is in a company’s best interest to work proactively to eliminate environmental issues before government inspections, government enforcement, and litigation. Second, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with companies and effectively serving as an environmental in-house counsel. In practice, our approach to environmental issues can help companies minimize environmental exposure and avoid, or minimize, the costs and stigma associated with litigation and government penalties. Moreover, our pre-existing clients benefit as we pass along information regarding changes in laws, regulations and government programs that impact them.

Green Legal Services

Businesses are increasingly looking to sustainability and being green to cut their costs, attract and retain employees, and to provide a competitive business advantage for their products. We can help businesses with the legal aspects of incorporating sustainability issues in their business structure, operations, business contracts, product development and real estate.

Energy Legal Services

Energy is the lifeblood of society.  We assist businesses in the energy sector with their legal needs.  We also assist other businesses when energy issues arise such as negotiating an interconnection agreement or disputes with energy utilities.

Environmental Legal Services

We provide clients the full range of environmental legal services, including responding to EPA inspections, violation letters, and formal enforcement; environmental litigation; permit and plan submissions; product registrations; and Superfund Site management and brownfield redevelopment.

EnviroCounsel Program

Our EnviroCounsel Program is designed for companies that need regular environmental legal services on a part-time basis. We can provide companies a fixed number of hours per month at a discount from our standard rates. The benefits of this program build over time because, as we get to know your operations, we can provide services more time-efficiently and help you anticipate and avoid legal issues of which you would not otherwise be aware.